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Show Season Special Swimbait Bundle

Show Season Special Swimbait Bundle

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Best glide bait deal on the market! Get all 10 baits pictured for $100. Introducing our premium bass fishing glide bait – a masterpiece crafted for the avid angler. Designed with precision, it mimics the erratic movement of fleeing prey, triggering predatory instincts in bass. Its lifelike appearance, coupled with realistic color patterns, ensures an irresistible allure. Constructed with durable materials, this glide bait guarantees optimal performance, making it a must-have in your tackle box. Elevate your bass fishing experience with this exceptional lure – where innovation meets success on every cast. This bait is equipped with internal rattles.

 Diving Depth
Float/Suspend- can be modified to sink
5.5 inches
2 ounces
Hook Type
BKK #1


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Customer Reviews

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These look really good and when placing in water they hold true and straight up. I’ll be getting more down the road.